From the Heart

In this video blog, Jeff recounts a time he noticed a speaker going off script and his success in doing
so. Jeff has found that while it’s important to be prepared, going off script and relating to your
audience by speaking from the heart allows you to make the necessary connection with your donors.

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3 Keys to Nonprofit Board Success

Jeff Jowdy shares the 3 keys to nonprofit board success in this Lighthouse Counsel video blog!

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Fundraising and Football: 11 Similarities

In this video blog, Lighthouse Counsel President Jeff Jowdy and Senior Consultant Karen Kemp discuss 11 similarities between fundraising and football.

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7 Deadly Sins of Fundraising

Jeff Jowdy shares a story from his fundraising career that illustrates the 7 deadliest sins of fundraising.

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5 Nonprofit Lessons Learned from Breaking My Ankle

What happens when you break your ankle and don’t listen to your doctors? You learn a few lessons about nonprofit leadership.

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Conversation with a Philanthropist: Cal Turner, Jr.

Conversation with a Philanthropist” features Cal Turner, Jr., chairman of the Cal Turner Family Foundation (former president and chairman of Dollar General) and Jeff Jowdy, president of Lighthouse Counsel.

In this inspiring interview, Cal Turner, Jr. shares insight on his philanthropic endeavors. He also discusses his experience through Dollar General and recounts a time when his father, Cal Turner, Sr., helped him understand the meaning of philanthropy and the importance of serving others.

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